Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine's Day

(the treats that Josie took to school for friends)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day from the Shearon's!!!
We have been extremely busy the past month or so and I have had issues with Blogger.
So, I've just taken a litte break from the blogging world.

We made homemade Valentine's for our family!
Josie had a BIG time making a BIG mess :)

my cute Valentine
Josie was thrilled to receive a few goodies from us....
new polka dot rain boots, puzzles (her new obsession), a bathing suit and some stamps and stickers!
Josie woke up to a special Valentine's breakfast and a big balloon waiting for her at the table.
She had such a fun time at her school Valentine's party! They decorated their own little bags to hold their special Valentine's from friends and I think they partied all day!!!