Sunday, November 18, 2012


We had  a great Halloween with our little cowgirl!!
Josie had  talked about being a cowgirl for Halloween for a LONG time!

 We started our Halloween out on Oct. 30 at Sugar Creek, which is where my grandmother lives.
We always love going to trick r treat there and Josie especially loves handing out candy to the other kids that come by to see Mott Mott.

 A few of our friends showed up at Sugar Creek, too!
Hooper was a very cute dinosaur!
 Cousins Addison and Raine arrived looking adorable!
 Mary Houston, Elise, Olivia and Josie had fun hanging out in the hallway checking out their candy!
 Halloween Night!!
 First, we went to the Methodist Church to see many of our friends from daycare! 
We were glad to see Whitt!
 Look out!  It's CJ, the fireman!!!
 Then, we headed to our church for more fun!
Lauren Raines and Josie

 Lilly and Josie
Ms. Vicki!!!

Nonni & Popee's Birthdays!

Welcome back :)  I took a long break from blogging.  There just haven't been enough hours in the day lately!  However, I'm glad to be back and I hope to keep the posts coming regularly!
We celebrated my parents' birthdays back in October.  Mom's birthday is Oct. 14 and Dad is Oct. 21.  They were gone on a trip with friends the week of their birthdays, but we did a belated celebration as soon as they returned!
We made one of our favorites.... Coke Cake and Josie made it EXTRA yummy with LOTS of sprinkles :)

Happy 65th, Nonni & Popee!!!!!!!!!!!