Sunday, October 14, 2012


I had a FABULOUS week off this past week and we had so much fun!
I enjoyed spending extra time with my family and getting lots of things checked off the good 'ol never ending  to do list! 
 Josie & Baby Raine
 My "dress up diva!!"
 Pumpkin Patch with sweet friends
(Josie, Thomas and Whitt)
 Lovin' this extra time with my sweet girl!!!
 Us with Sharon, Thomas, Mary and Whitt
 Josie picked out a pumpkin for each person in her family!!!
She specifically loved the little "baby" pumpkins!
 We got to spend some fun time with the Taylor Twins!
Poor Reece was such a good sport while Josie tried to push him around in the baby carriage!
Precious Graham was smart and took a nap to avoid this torture :)
 We had a birthday party at our house this weekend for JJ & Granny!!!!
These two cousins were quite the party animals!!!!!!!!!!
 Painting pumpkins!
 JJ was such a great sport to wear the birthday hat for Josie :)
 We even made extra time to cheer on Hooper at his soccer game!!!!
Maybe Josie will want to play next year....???
 One of our fave activities from the week.... a carriage ride in downtown Memphis!!!
 Oops!  This picture is out of order... more art projects!!!
 We had such a great time going to watch the Peabody ducks, a fun carriage ride through downtown Memphis and a delicious dinner at Huey's!! 

LOTS of fun memories made!!!!!!!!!!
Now, back to the daily grind........
All good things must come to an end :(

Have a great week!