Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween: Part Two

And the Halloween fun continues....
Josie and I went trick-r-treating on Friday night at the retirement center where my grandmother lives. It was so cute! All of the kids went door to door to visit the residents and get candy!

Josie preferred to hang out in Mott Mott's room
Josie & Nonni

Josie has a new love for M&M's and suckers!

Josie & Mott Mott
I thought my grandmother looked so cute in her Halloween shirt!
I have been a little under the weather the past few days. I was soooo ready to get home, get in my pj's and curl up on the couch. Luckily, Josie was worn out from a full day at daycare and trick-r-treating. So, we called it an early night! I have to be up early in the morning to help with the 5th Annual Marla Angotti 5k/10k in Brownsville and then guess what.....
MORE trick-r-treating!
Hope y'all are enjoying the Halloween festivities, too :-)

Halloween: Part One

The Halloween festivities have begun!! We went to our church on Wednesday night for the Trunk R Treat (or is it Trick R Trunk.... I never can remember the right name!) I was a little nervous to get Josie dressed in her costume, because I was not sure how she would react. I just kept getting really excited and giving her "high 5's" and making it such an exciting time HOPING that would get her in the Halloween spirit! It worked! Josie was so pumped about wearing her costume and ran around the house thinking it was so funny!

Meet my Butterfly :)

Modeling her costume at home :)
walking up to the church's activities
Josie was all about Halloween until she realized that everyone else was dressed funny, too! Then, she wasn't quite sure what to think about it all!

Josie with her friend, Lauren (the ladybug) and "RoRo."
All of the kids LOVE "RoRo", especially these two cute gals :)
"RoRo" works in our church nursery and also is one of Josie's teachers at daycare.
Josie never even wanted to take candy from anyone. I'm pretty sure that will change next year when she understands more!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early Terrible Twos??

I don't know what is going on but we have been seeing these faces waaaayyy too much around our household lately!

Maybe Josie just still feels bad and is not back to her normal self??
Could it be that she's STILL working on getting three of her bottom teeth...??

Or... Is it EARLY Terrible Twos?!?!?!

Oh, she was such a HAPPY girl when we finally got inside Wal Mart to shop for Halloween candy :)
Please also note that Josie has on jeans for the very first time in her life! I have never wanted to buy jeans for her because I just knew that she would look really grown up in them. I know... I know... I'm weird. But... I was right :( She looks really grown up to me (but SUPER CUTE!) I think I like the new look!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Before I begin, I have to confess... I was terrible this weekend about taking pictures! We had a great weekend. Josie and I had a normal night at home on Friday with lots of playing and getting ready for the weekend! Josie is back on medicine for her cough and the doctor called in another round of antibiotics. Cross your fingers she's back to feeling her normal self again soon! She's been SUPER clingy lately and I'm hoping it is just a result of her feeling so bad lately. In the past month, she's had a bad cough, double pink eye, ear infection and a cold. However, I am preparing myself.... I think we are also dealing with a gal with bad allergies :( With all of that being said, Josie went to bed early on Friday night.

Josh worked on real estate stuff all day on Saturday. So, Josie and I stayed around the house in the morning. My uncle, cousin and his girlfriend came to visit us Saturday afternoon. We were supposed to meet in Jackson to eat, but my grandmother hasn't been feeling well and we decided at the last minute to stick around Brownsville. So, we all ate together at the retirement center where my grandmother lives. Josie had a BLAST running around and she couldn't get enough of my cousin Charlie throwing her up in the air!!! He would say, "Do you want me to do it again?" Josie would give her typical answer of "Alright!" (She never says, "yes!" It's always "No" or "Alright!"). Josie also LOVES pushing my grandmother's walker around. It's pretty cute!

Josie never took a nap all day, but she crashed around 7:30pm and slept til 8:15 on Sunday morning! I might have to get Charlie to come back more often if that's the trick to her sleeping so long :)
I actually went to Memphis on Sunday to visit my good friend, Sharon. We have been trying to get together for lunch to celebrate her passing the Bar!!!! I can't believe that I didn't take any pics of us, but we were so busy talking (as always), that I forgot!!! Josh took Josie to church with him and then by the time I came home, they were napping :) I quickly got organized when I got home to head to Wal Mart and do our weekly grocery shopping for the restaurant. Then, I did something that I haven't done in a very long time..... Cook dinner for us! It's so rare for us to actually sit down to a home cooked meal here these days. We will usually get food from Kreme Kastle or do something very quick at home. So, it was nice to sit down and enjoy a meal together... all 3 of us!
Busy week ahead.... Halloween!!! I can't wait to see what Josie will think about it this year! Will she wear the costume or not!??! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Barney and Bows

There are two things that Josie typically asks for when she wakes up (besides Momma and
Da-da)....... BARNEY AND BOWS!!! This girl literally goes to bed talking about Barney (Well, she says's "Bawney!") and wakes up talking about Barney! As you can see, she even sleeps with a Barney DVD (and sometimes a bow in her hair!) ha!

Feeding Barney pancakes! Notice two bows in her hair... she picked them out as soon as she woke up this morning! She actually said, "uh oh, Momma! (while tapping her head)... Bow!!"

We are wearing out the Barney DVD's at our house! I sing those songs in my head all day long. And... I sometimes realize long after Josh has taken Josie to daycare in the mornings that I still have the Barney DVD playing while I'm doing things around the house. I'm just so used to hearing Barney 24/7 :) I know there will be a day years from now when Josie is grown that I will wish she was still screaming "Barney!" at me until I pushed play in the DVD player (again!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday! Josie and I went to dinner with my parents at one of Dad's fave places, Old Town Spaghetti Store. My niece, Olivia has always called my dad, "Popee." Of course, we intended for Josie to do the same thing. The funny thing is that Josie calls my dad by his first name, "Bob!" If you ask her where Popee is or anything about Popee, she immediately says, "Bob!" I have to admit it's pretty funny :)

The BEST picture of the night :) ha!
Dad was a good sport about the whole wait staff singing "Happy Birthday" to him!

Poor Josie wanted to wear the birthday hat sooooo bad, but it was just too big! I hate I never got a picture of that! Josie enjoyed a little bit of my spaghetti and bread. She picked the cheese off of my salad... that girl can spot cheese from a mile away! And... we never leave home without our string cheese in the diaper bag! ha! Yes, I know... we have to work on this gal's diet :)

Pumpkin Patch

Josh and I took Josie to Donnell Farms Pumpkin Patch near Jackson this weekend. We went to Green Acres Pumpkin Patch in Milan last year and wanted to try something a little different!
The concept at Donnell Farms is cute for little kids.... slides, hayrides, live animals and lots of other activities! I think Josie will enjoy it more as she gets older. As of now, Josie is a very cautious little gal. She doesn't just jump into new activities. She has to warm up to them. I have a feeling she gets this from me.... not her daddy ;) It will be interesting to see if that stays part of her personality in the years to come.

Josie and Mommy :)

Look at that happy girl!

Josie wasn't sure what to think about the cotton at first, but then she had a big time jumping around in it!

My pictures are actually out of order.... This picture really came before the previous one.
What a face!

Josie's FAVORITE part!! The hand washing station! She would have played in that water for hours!

This is one of my favorites:) I think she looks so grown up here.

Walking with Daddy
We are looking forward to checking out another pumpkin patch tomorrow with some of Josie's friends!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Parade

Today was the Homecoming parade in Brownsville. This was Josie's first parade and she was definitely taking it all in! We were excited to get to watch the parade with Josie's little cousin, Jack.

She was very excited to see her Uncle Matthew ("Coach Shearon") in the parade. Josh took her out to see him and then she wasn't so sure about getting so close to all the action! I wish I could have gotten a better picture :( It just happened so fast!

One of the HHS cheerleaders gave Josie some really cute sunglasses and a princess wand.... that made her day!

Isn't she cute?!!?
Josie and I spent a quiet night at home tonight while Josh worked at the restaurant. We watched Barney, read a few books, "talked" on the phone, played with Maggie, and... watched more Barney ;)
We are looking forward to our busy weekend ahead!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nonni!

Josie LOVES the little scarecrow in our mums in the front yard :)

Happy Birthday to my Mom (Josie's Nonni)! Josie and I went to lunch today with Nonni and Popee (or "Bob" as Josie calls him) to celebrate Nonni's birthday. Josie is still not a huge fan of going out to eat... she doesn't quite get the concept that you are there to EAT! She would rather play musical chairs and visit everyone at the table multiple times and play in my purse instead of sitting in a high chair and eating a meal! I typically load down Josie's bag with crayons, books and string cheese (her fave) to try to keep her occupied, but I still haven't quite figured out how to keep her content yet! Oh, well.... at least she didn't scream and cause a scene :) We look forward to celebrating all of our family's October birthdays this weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally took the plunge...

Well.... it's official! The Shearon Family has a blog! I have thought about doing this for quite some time. Josie will be two years old in just a few months and I'm realizing that time is flying by so quickly! This is the perfect way to document our lives and remember all of the fun times, important occasions and just the "little things" in our day to day life that I don't want to forget. So, here it goes! Oh, and this sweet little girl... Well, you will be seeing her a lot :)