Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Shoot & Half Birthday

We did a little "photo shoot" before church last week. I love these sweet pictures!

Josie also turned 2 1/2 last week!

Josie, you continue to amaze us everyday! I love your bright smile that melts my heart, silly personality, sweet manners, nurturing instincts, and EVERYTHING else wonderful about you! As trying as the "terrible two's" have been for us at times, I still think this is such a fun stage in your life. Your personality is shining through more and more! Some of my favorite things about this stage in your life include:

- Hearing your sweet prayers every night. Your prayers are so honest and it amazes me what all you think of to pray for (some of the funniest ones include praying for your sandals, your panties and going potty). You always end all of your prayers with saying "and for ALL my friends!"

- I love how proud you are of yourself for going potty these days! We continue to do the "poopy" dance around here when you do that and you always say, "Mommy, you so happy??"

- Your independence is funny but yet trying at times. It's great to see you explore new things and want to try them yourself! You like to open all doors by yourself, go potty, put on shoes, pick out shoes to wear and many other things all by yourself!

- You love your babies! You are very nurturing, which we have known for quite some time. You love to give hugs to your babies, tell them to "shh!" quietly because they are "crying", change their diapers, fix them food, etc. It's so sweet to watch. You recently named your babies "Sally Sue". The names change frequently!

- You are so loving. You love to give hugs and "sugar" and it makes me so happy! You won't let us leave you without a billion sugars and you will say "Hug me bye!"

- You still are a bit unsure of new situations. You want us to hold you a lot when you are in a new environment until you have figured out the situation!

- As one of your teachers told me, you are not what we should call a "tattle tell", but you love to tell a play by play of everything that's going on. You will tell me "Daddy's going outside!!" or "Maggie's barking!!" It cracks me up!

We love you, sweet girl! I cannot believe that you are already 2 1/2. Time flies when you are having fun! You are so precious :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Party Animal

Josie's social calendar was very full on Saturday! We attended two birthday parties!

Of course, I forgot my camera at the first party. Aimee had a princess themed party with lots of fun outside play time! Josie surprised us all by being the first child to go for the big water slide. I'm not sure when she became a dare devil, but I was glad to see it! Aimee's mom did an AMAZING castle cake to go along with the princess theme. I wish I had a picture to share!!!

The second party was for Josie's sweet friend, Aubrey. The theme of this one was Minnie Mouse. Aubrey's mom had made the most adorable pink cupcakes with oreos as Minnie's ears!

This was also an outdoor party with a huge water slide that Josie just LOVED!!!

Aimee -- the birthday girl from party#1

Josie and her friends eating cupcakes and snacks

(No, that's not Josie's diet coke!)

Miss Chardae (one of Josie's teachers) and Josie

Josie & Aubrey (birthday girl #2) in Aubrey's new mustang :)

We had a GREAT time celebrating with these two sweet girls!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend 2011

What a weekend! We had a busy, busy weekend! We had such a great time enjoying our long weekend. Josh and I soooooo enjoyed that we could have a day or two to do some fun things and enjoy good times as a family!

Josie and I went to some friends' house on Saturday morning to swim and play!

Then, we went to the river with some good friends on Sunday!
Josie --- a future river rat! ha!

My big girl!

We stayed at the river to cookout on Sunday night and then watched fireworks on the river after dark. Josie absolutely had a BLAST! She wasn't a bit scared of the fireworks and kept yelling, "Pow!" "Do again!!" ha! She's so silly! We came home very late on Sunday night so that we could get ready for a neighborhood parade in Brownsville the next morning.

Josie & Aubrey riding in style :)

Josie and Daddy

Josie & Mommy saying the Pledge of Allegiance

We had a small family cookout at our house on the 4th of July. I think Josie really loved being center of attention ;)

Josie is so proud of her flag that she made at school!

We ended the Fourth of July with a few more fireworks at home!


God Bless the USA!

Woo Hoo!! Mission Accomplished!

We are VERY proud to say that our favorite little girl is officially.....

POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God! Alleluia!

I would say that she's really been accident free for a couple of weeks, but I was so scared to jinx us that I didn't breathe a word :) ha!

After lots of cookies, candy, stickers, "poopy dances", purchases of big girl panties AND tears......

we can consider this MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :)

Funny side note: Obviously I told Josie how happy I was each time she would potty over the past few months, beecause now she will potty and look at me and say, "Mommy, you happy!?!?"

My sweet girl! We are sooooooo proud of her :)