Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from Josie and ALL of her babies :)

We spent Christmas Day with my family at my parents' house.
We enjoyed a good meal and lots of fun together.
Nonni, Josie and Popee (still "Bob")
The "best" family picture we could get all day!
It's a little tough getting an almost 2 year old (on Christmas Day or ANY day) to be still enough for a pic!

Charlie (my cousin), Josie and Nikki (Charlie's girlfriend)

Josie & her Dora guitar

Josie was spoiled with lots and lots of goodies today!

Bath toys, lots of baby dolls, Disney DVD's, a princess chair, Barbie trike, a personalized stool, books, musical instruments and soooo much more!

It's been a long time since my sweet child has been content to just play and play and play! Thanks to Santa and all of our family, we will have entertainment for hours!! yay!!

I have tried to "fight" my OCD/Type A personality for the past 2 days, but I have to admit... this house WILL be organized TODAY! I'm just not sure where all of these toys are going to go!


We hope your holiday weekend was filled with lots of joy and laughter!

Santa Came!

Christmas Morning 2010
Josie gave us a gift on Christmas morning.... she slept til 8:30! I'm pretty sure this was the last Christmas to sleep in for the next 15 years!

Santa came!!!!!!!!
Josie must have been a really good girl this year :)
Santa left out Josie's new kitchen, play food and her dress up clothes.
He wrapped a few other things for her... He knew that she really liked unwrapping gifts :)

Stocking goodies!

This absolutely CRACKS me up! It looks as if Josie's on the run after the next gift to open!

Elmo keyboard!

ALL the dress up clothes on at one time! Of course! I think we have a little diva on our hands.

Stickers! I'm pretty sure that was her favorite gift from Santa. We have all been wearing stickers all weekend!

What a wonderful blessing to experience Christmas through a child's eyes!
We had such a great time with our sweet Josie.
There was so much more excitement with her this year...... I can only imagine what next year will be like.

Christmas Eve 2010

We went to church on Christmas Eve night at 5:00 and then off to the Shearon/Escue Family Christmas at Grandmommy and JJ's! This kicked off a very busy and fun-filled 24 hours for us! Josie enjoyed getting lots of attention, toys and play time with her little cousin Addison.

Josie & Granny

Josie & Addison received matching wagons! I see lots of miles put on these wagons in the near future :)

"Chef Josie" apron from Aunt Shanna, Uncle Matthew ("Machew") and Addison

Josie was the official "unwrapping assistant" for EVERYONE! She just ran from gift to gift wanting them to be opened!

Josie's new baby doll and computer

Sweet cousins :)
almost exactly a year apart

Family picture

JJ, Josie and Grandmommy

We had a blast with everyone on Christmas Eve! It's going to be so much fun watching Addison and Josie in years to come. The fun has just begun!

Children's Museum of Memphis

We started off of our Christmas Eve morning in a fun way! The Children's Museum of Memphis :) We have been wanting to take Josie for quite some time. Kreme Kastle was closed on Friday for the holidays. So... we took a road trip!

This shopping stuff is a tough job! :)

(By far her favorite part of the museum..... ringing up her groceries at the grocery store!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Snapshots

Just a few fun pics that I have taken over the past couple of weeks..... We are having lots of holiday fun!

I put our Christmas cards from friends and family on one of our Christmas trees this year as a fun way to display them. Josie loves looking at them, naming her friends and running around the house with them!

Aren't we festive?!?! ha! Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Is this a sign of things to come!?! Josie "on the phone" and staring at pics... especially the pictures of her boy friends.... What will we ever do after Christmas when the cards are put away?! She has been entertained for HOURS staring at cards. She has even slept with a few of them!

Our silly girl!
I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. It's so exciting to see Christmas through a child's eyes!

Read, Rock and Jesus!

Again.... The purpose of this blog is to document all of the little things we love about Josie :)

So.... I don't want to forget that our bedtime routine these days consists of "Read!" "Rock!" and"Jesus!" (those are all quotes from Josie) We take Josie to her room, turn out all lights except for the little lamp by her chair, read two books of her choice, rock and then she will say "Jesus!" That's our cue to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

I love our night time routine :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Session

We took AT LEAST 50 pictures of Josie trying to get the pefect Christmas card picture!

Trying to get the camera :)

Captures her personality perfectly......

And.... this is IT! Christmas Card 2010 Picture

Looking forward to all of the fun ahead :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

23 months

Josie is 23 months old TODAY!
We have been so busy lately and I've been awful about taking pictures. However, I will be using the camera A LOT soon with Christmas coming up! I can't wait!

What our little girl has been up to lately.............

* Josie LOVES Jesus! We have our Little People Nativity set out for the holidays and she loves to carry around Baby Jesus. Josie stayed with her Grandmommy and JJ for a little bit this afternoon and they were looking through the Toys R Us ad and Josie immediately pointed out Baby Jesus to them in the ad (It was a pic of our nativity set on sale!) Not only can she point him out, she loves to sing about him! We have been singing "Jesus Loves Me" at bedtime and now Josie is trying to sing it herself! That makes me happy :)

* Speaking of Toys R Us ads... Josh and I laugh that we are VERY anxious for the holidays to be over, because Josie is obsessed with ALL of the toy ads! She will say, "read! read!" but really she just wants to point out Dora, Elmo, Mickey and any baby that she sees! We will have to make sure Santa knows about some of her favorites!

* Santa!!! Josie points out Santa everywhere we go! She loves to point at him, talk about him, BUT I'm pretty sure we won't be getting a picture with him this year! She doesn't want to be near him, but just look at him from a distance.
* We have put up our Christmas trees and Josie doesn't really seem to bother them at all. I wasn't sure if she would pull on ornaments or try to unwrap gifts, but she really just ignores them. However, she is quite proud of her pink tree in her room!

* Favorite toys: BABIES!!!! Josie loves to dress her babies in her own clothes, pretend to feed them and even "change" their diaper. She's starting to do more "pretend" things now...One of her favorites is to get on the couch, say "up" (means cover up with blanket) and pretend to be sleeping until you wake her up!

* Bedtime is around 8:30 and she sleeps until 7:30. We have skipped nap time a few times this week.... PLEASE, OH PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE'S NOT GIVING UP HER NAP :) Typical nap time while at "school" is from 12:30-2 but she always naps later at home... more like 2-4. She also cracks me up at bedtime, because she will do anything to not go to bed! As I carry her to bed, she will say "Eat! Eat!!" or if I'm rocking her, she will immediately say "No, Daddy!" (and vise versa if he's rocking her)

* Favorite food -- cheez its, cheese (NOT American cheese anymore, though), bananas, chicken nuggets, pizza and anything with "dip!" Josie will dip anything... she takes after me! I'm a "condiment" kind of gal :) She's still not a big eater.

* Size 5 shoes and mostly 18-24 month clothes (except 2T in dresses and pj's)

* Josie's vocabulary is definitely expanding!!! She will repeat anything you say these days! She's very good to say "please" and "thank you", which makes me proud.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I WILL BE SAYING THAT I HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD THIS TIME NEXT MONTH! WOW, TIME FLIES! I'm not sure what we will do for Josie's birthday party, but I'll be working on that soon. I'm a little behind this year!