Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

It's definitely Fall around here!

This week has been full of Halloween and fun Fall activities!

Bundled up for a hayride :)

We love our Minnie Mouse!

Josie and Anabeth making Halloween necklaces!

Painting pumpkins with Miss Molly at church!

Sweet cousins :)

sweet friends!

best buds :)

The weather is finally much cooler and the leaves are falling....

Santa has already started doing some holiday shopping.....

It's officially Fall!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Change

Well, the day has arrived. Today was our last day as owners of Kreme Kastle in Brownsville, TN. Crazy. Hard to believe. Bittersweet.

It's been a great day. The restaurant has been so busy all day and it felt great. We are truly blessed. I found myself going through a rollercoaster of emotions all day. I was excited and then walked in the kitchen door to take a few things to the cook and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The cook and I just cried! Then, I was okay again :) It's interesting how this day played out. The day started with KK being short handed because one of our cooks just didn't show up on the last day (welcome to the restaurant business) and then another member of the kitchen staff had to leave early today. So, I got called to come help for a short bit of time to help them get through the end of the lunch rush. Looking back, I am so glad this happened. I haven't worked a single day or single minute in Kreme Kastle since February when I started my new job. I am thankful that they needed me today, because it just felt right to end our Kreme Kastle journey this way.... me helping in the kitchen during a crazy, fast paced lunch hour. This is how our journey started and ironically this is how it ended. It was nice to feel the "high" and excitement of the restaurant business one last time. I got to see many of our customers and that made me happy :) For that, I'm thankful and believe that God had a plan for today that I never expected. I needed that brief time of working today to help me find closure in our Kreme Kastle journey. It's been fun and quite a ride, but it's certainly time for my family to move on and begin a new chapter in our lives. Josh and I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the place and it's been a HUGE part of our lives for over 3 years. Life will be so different, but I know in a good way.

As I reflect over our time at Kreme Kastle, I am flooded with all kinds of thoughts and emotions that I want to "write" down.

Blessings from Kreme Kastle:

- creating so many wonderful friendships with our loyal customers

- having family that supported us in so many ways. We could never have made it without our moms.

- Many of our employees have become family to us. They have changed our lives forever.

- I can't help but think about how grateful I am to have been able to stay home with Josie the first year of her life while Josh committed so much time to KK

- I feel that this experience gave Josh the confidence that he needed to finally pursue his dreams. God has a purpose in all things and I think this was certainly a big part of His plan.

- allowed Josh and I to have a greater appreciation for our family

What I'm looking forward to the most in our life "post KK"......

- having our life back. Not many people can understand this. In the past 3 years, we have only had TWO Friday nights that we were not at KK. We are anxious to get to do fun things as a family and with our friends. It will be nice to truly understand what TGIF means and the excitement of 5 o'clock on Fri nights again

- enjoying a family dinner at night with ALL THREE of us and not worrying if the phone will ring because KK needs us

- enjoying the simple things in life.

- going to church again as a family instead of just me and Josie

- Josh being able to focus on school as much as he needs to

- watching Josie enjoy having her daddy home and not always asking where he is or where he is going

- not having to go to Wal Mart for a couple of hours every single Saturday and then unloading huge load at restaurant!

- not feeling like we are always in a rush

- not making poppyseed chicken every single Tuesday night


If you are still reading this, thanks for "listening." Kreme Kastle has been a HUGE part of our lives and I had to document my many thoughts because I don't want to ever forget what I'm feeling at this time. I know I rambled on and on. Forgive me :)

I'm looking forward to the future.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Fest

Happy Saturday!

Our weekend has started out fun! Yesterday was my mom's (Nonni) birthday! So, Josie and I went to dinner at Cheddar's in Jackson with my parents. That was my first time to eat at Cheddar's. It was delicious and the prices were very reasonable!

Then, we headed out this morning to our town square for the annual Fall Fest. Matthew and Addison went along with us for some fun!

These girls know how to ride in style....

Josie loved the gigantic slide!!!

Love this pic...

Josie was not so sure about riding the pony! She held on tight!

Josh brought us home and then headed to Kreme Kastle to get ready for tonight. Josie and I are sitting at home now playing, painting a picture for Daddy and watching Barney! By the way, I bought tickets for Barney Live this week. I can't believe that this little gal is OBSESSED with Barney again!

It started out being a cool Fall morning, but quickly warmed up today!

I can't belive that I'm going to say it, but I'm ready for it to cool off more.... Bring on the Fall weather!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty low key weekend, which was A-Okay with me :)

Just to hit the highlights....

Josie discovered the concept of dipping Oreos into milk....... :)

We stayed up in our pj's Saturday night for Daddy to get home so that we could share a late night snack and watch Barney (for the 100th time that day!)

Sunday was JJ's Birthday! Josie is ALL about birthdays these days! She wanted to make JJ a b-day card. We took an afternoon stroll in the wagon down to JJ and Grandmommy's house to hand deliver the card. Then, we enjoyed eating dinner on the front porch with JJ and GM for JJ's birthday party (as Josie called it!)

This was a great weekend.... It's all about the little things in life. I'm feeling blessed and grateful.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Party Animals

We had a weekend full of celebrating!

Josie loves a good party ;)

First, we had a fun 3rd birthday party for Josie's friend, Hooper in Memphis!

Hooper's Uncle Brett plays football for Rhodes College in Memphis and his parents had small party for family and close friends before the game while tailgating. The kids ran around and had a great time. The football themed party was really cute!

All of the kids

Josie and the Birthday Boy

Josie in her party attire :)

Then, we had a fun birthday party/cookout for Josh's grandmother on Sunday. We celebrated Granny's 80th Birthday!!!!

Our best attempt at a pic of all of the cousins!

Granny and her great grandchildren

We all had such a great time! The weather was just perfect and the food was fabulous, too!!

Whew! We were tired after a long weekend of partying :)

Happy Monday to everyone!