Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

Finally.... (a week later)... HAPPY EASTER FROM THE SHEARON'S :)

We had such a fun day on Easter!
It's so fun to watch Josie as she gets older and learns more about the meaning of holidays and really enjoys the celebrating part, as well!

The Easter Bunny came.....
He stuffed Josie's Easter basket full of stickers, a kite, chap stick, workbooks to practice writing letters, a movie, bubbles, a book about the meaning of Easter, flip flops and a puzzle.

Josie told me a few days before Easter that she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring her some pink flip flops! She was VERY excited :)
We enjoyed playing with the goodies that were left in Josie's basket and then we quickly got ready for church! Then, we joined my family for lunch in Jackson. Josie was feeling a bit under the weather, but that didn't stop her from wanting to go to Sugar Creek (where my grandmother lives) to see what the Easter Bunny left for her there! Nonni, Popee and Uncle Larry spoiled her with all kinds of fun goodies (and enough candy to last for weeks!!)
the best family picture that we could get....
Josie with her Nonni & Popee
(have you noticed Josie's new "smile?!?!" Funny girl.)

Josie and her daddy.

We had such a great time sharing our holiday weekend with our wonderful family and friends!
We are so incredibly blessed!
Wonderful memories!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Easter Eve"

We had such a fun Easter weekend! Josie and I kicked off the weekend on Good Friday. Daycare was closed. So, we decided to have a girls' day ;)

Saturday was a CRAZY busy day! I started it off by having a yard sale on Sat. morning. I LOVE having yard sales. It's like "free" money to me! People actually pay to carry away my junk! :)

Josh was busy all day Saturday doing a presentation at the Law School in Memphis. So, Josie and I headed over to a friends house on Saturday afternoon to do some fun Easter activities with all of our friends. My, how times have changed.... All of our friends got together with our children to grill out, dye and hunt eggs and just let the kids play! Josie had a blast!

Avery, Josie and Addison in the HUGE sandbox

hunting eggs!
Look out! Josie's driving sweet little Wesley around the yard!
Our attempt at a group picture..... this was hilarious!!!!

Then, Josie and I headed out to meet Josh and GM and JJ's for our Easter celebration/cookout!
First things first..... hunt more eggs!!!
GM & Addison
Oh dear! Double Trouble :)
JJ & the girls
They LOVE bubbles!
It looks like the daddys couldn't resist having some fun, as well :)
GM and JJ gave the girls their Easter presents!!
They have matching pink bunny blankets!
Their initials are even monogrammed on the back!
This was a big hit! Josie sleeps with hers every night!

Next Up..... Easter Day!!!!!!

Palm Sunday/Church Easter Egg Hunt

First of all, I really wish I was able to blog events the day that they happen like so many of my blogging friends out there, but it just doesn't happen :(
Our church held its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday. We really just have a handful of kids in our church and I was so glad to see that some of them brought family and friends to come out and enjoy the fun!

3 Sweet Girls! Haylan, Josie and Leslie Ann

Funny Story -- Josie named one of her baby dolls Leslie Ann a few months ago. Josh and I laughed hysterically, because our friend, Leslie is named Leslie Ann(Josie would never know that... I didn't think! She only knows her as Leslie). So, I said to our friend Leslie one day that somehow Josie had caught wind of her full name and has named her baby doll after her. To my surprise, I found out that there is a little girl at daycare named Leslie Ann!!! What a coincidence! Now, Leslie Ann goes to our church and is also in Josie 's "big girl class" at daycare (which explains the timing of her naming a doll after Leslie Ann because Josie had just moved up to her class!)