Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Girl Room

I'm about two months behind posting about Josie's BIG GIRL ROOM!!!!!
Josie began sleeping in her big girl room the weekend of her 3rd brithday!
I put this big transition off for a long time, because Josie loved her crib! She never tried to crawl out of it. So, why mess with a good thing?!?! However, we knew it was time once she turned 3.
** I don't know what's going on with Blogger these days, but these pics are out of order :(
(maybe it's a user error!!)

Josie's side table - I definitely wanted to incorporate more than just pink... I love the turquoise and green!

I tried to keep things as simple (and economical) as possible. We took the crib down and put up my grandmother's antique bed that was in our guest room. We actually decided to use the white coverlet that has been on the bed since we got married. We just added some girly pillows to make it more fun for Josie! We kept the walls the same color green from her nursery and the window treatments are the same. I just tried my best to incorporate some other colors besides just pink.

This is Josie on her big girl bed the first night that she was going to sleep in it!!!! She was very excited and did great that night!
This is the same furniture that we had in her room before. We just painted the inside of the shelf more of a turquoise color instead of pale pink (this isn't quite the blue that we were going for, but oh well.....)
It's hard to see in this picture, but I love the monogram that we ordered for above her bed!
Josie has done great in her big girl bed! I need to get a more "realistic" picture of what her bed REALLY looks like these days..... Lots of stuffed animals and TONS of babies lined up in the bed with her :) And... let's be honest, the bed rarely gets made! Josie cracks me up, because she still believes that she has to call us before she gets out of the bed. I always imagined that when we switched her to a big girl bed, she would discover all of this new found freedom, but nope..... and I'm good with that for as long as it will last :) We did decide to use bedrails on both sides of the bed. However, Josie has fallen out of the bed three times and it TERRIFIES her, but then she quickly calms down and goes back to bed after we love on her :-) Sweet girl!!!!

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  1. precious - it looks great! and josie looks so proud.
    i love her bed. ironically, camryn has the same one. i bought it from an antique store when i moved to my first apartment in college.