Friday, February 1, 2013

Josie's 4th Birthday

Josie turned 4 on January 5! 
We had a fun PJ's and Pancakes party at our house for her friends.
It was soooo much fun and perfect for a winter birthday!

 We enjoyed pancakes, donut holes, fruit, sausage balls and yogurt.
 Sweet Claire
 Josie and CJ
 Miss Laura and precious Avery
 Cousin Addison and the Birthday Girl!
 The mass chaos!!!  :)
 Miss Ashley (Josie's teacher)
 Matthew helping Addison draw on the keepsake pillowcase for Josie
 "Aunt Ash" with a bunch of the kiddos --- they took a break from jumping on the bed to take the picture!
 Josie and Sophie.  Sweet friends!
 Mae-Mae and cute Whitt
 Ainsley and Josie
 Me, Sarah and Ashley
So thankful for such good friends that helped us celebrate Josie's birthday!
 Hooper and Josie
After the Saturday morning party with friends, we had cake and ice cream for our family that afternoon.

We had such a great day!  Josie had such a blast at her party and was ready to do it all over again (However, Mommy and Daddy were exhausted!!!!)
Josie had not slept much the night before due to the anticipation of the party!  haha!
I can't believe our sweet Josie is 4 years old. 
She is such a precious, loving, intelligent, sweet girl.  I tell her all of the time that she's beautiful inside and out............. I pray that she keeps her sweet nature with such a love for helping others and love for life!  Josie, we love you to the moon and back! 

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