Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maggie Moo

This is something that I totally dreaded blogging about....

We decided to give our sweet Maggie a new home. This breaks my heart more than I can ever explain. Josh and I got Maggie a few months after we got married. We had her 6 years. Our life has become absolutely insane the past couple of years and we have known for quite some time that Maggie was not getting the attention that she deserves. We always loved her (and always will). Because we do love her so much, we decided that we wanted better for her. We wanted her to be in a home where she can get more attention and be played with more.


We found her a great home with a young woman that we met through a friend. She and Maggie hit it off immediately. Maggie just licked and licked her loving the attention.

This was a very hard and bittersweet day. I cried myself to sleep a few nights thinking about it.

Maggie was like our first child... really. Dog lovers understand what I mean.

Josie asked about her for a few days, but she understands that Maggie has gone to live with her new friends.

Maggie is a sweet, precious, loving and wonderful dog. I have been in contact with her new family and they say that she's doing great. That makes my heart happy.

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