Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

WHEW!! What a crazy past few weeks it has been for us! I have been MIA, but I'm back! I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! Also, stay tuned for a new look for our blog. I am excited to have Jessica working on a new design for our blog..... can't wait to see what she comes up with this week!!!

So.... what have we been up to?! A LOT. VERY BUSY. Josh is still doing great with Law School and I actually was just given my own territory with Sysco two weeks ago. I will now be working in Ripley, TN full time. I'm very excited! It's been quite a transition. I have been working a lot of long hours. After Josie goes to bed at night, I go to my "office" in the sunroom to work and Josh goes to his office to study. We live in a constant rat race at this point, but I think it will all get better with time. I feel like we go non-stop and barely keep our heads above water. It seems that the simplest of tasks have become such huge obstacles. If Josh isn't at school or at home studying, he's dealing with rental property or working at Kreme Kastle.

Our sweet girl got her 3rd haircut a few weeks ago!


Much better :) Thankfully, the curls are still there!

So, we recently changed the hours at Kreme Kastle to make it all work better with Josh in school. Unfortunately, this means that Josh is working at Kreme Kastle on Friday and Saturday nights now. The "upside" to that is that Josie and I have lots of fun girl time! Last Saturday night we had a "picnic dinner" on the den floor and watched a movie (well, if you know Josie at all, you will know that the watching the movie part only lasted a few minutes!)

Doesn't Josie look so grown up here.... Look at those little legs crossed :)

My silly girl LOVES to play the piano and sing to me (and she also likes to wear no clothes!) We are trying to teach her that it's not very lady like to strip your clothes off all of the time!

Like I said, we have had so much going on. Both of our grandmothers have been in the hospital this month, as well. Josh and I are very close to our grandmothers and have been so sad to see them feel so badly. Thankfully, they are both home now and on the road to recovery!

This is a pic of my grandmother, my mom and my two uncles. It's rare to get them all together, but they were all here last weekend to visit my grandmother as she recovered. We also had a belated 85th birthday celebration for her since she was in the hospital on her real b-day. She's still very weak. So, we opted to do cupcakes and sing happy birthday in her room :)

There have been so many things racing through my mind the past few weeks that I wanted to include in the blog so that I wouldn't forget. So, forgive me for all of these random thoughts!

Josie has had a more difficult time adjusting to our new routine since Josh is in school and my work schedule has been more demanding of my time. She has become even more "clingy." She won't let us leave her in a room by herself at home. She will say, "dont leave me!" It breaks my heart. She's also not sleeping well at all. We thought it was nightmares at first, but I think a big part of it is that she has recently become afraid of the dark. She will just cry out and cry out.... poor baby! I can't remember the last time that we all slept completely through the night. I get up with her usually once in the middle of the night to rock her and get her back to sleep. We had been thinking about changing her to a "big girl bed", but I think that will wait for now.

Our precious girl has become quite an eater! Her appetite has really picked up lately. I'm glad to see that and I'm definitely taking advantage of this opportunity to introduce her to more foods. She's still pretty partial to cheese, yogurt, crackers and turkey. The only fruits that she will eat are bananas and apples (with no skin). I think she has a real texture issue! She's so funny about certain textures! We are working on it.... I don't want her to be a picky eater!

Favorite sayings these days..... "You forgot?!?" -- will say that to you about everything!!! "What's this called?


We have noticed that Josie really picks up on conversations these days. She will say something back to you later on in the evening that you had no idea that she heard you say hours earlier. I'm thinking that our "spelling game" of spelling out words that we don't want her to hear will be over quicker than I ever imagined :) She sometimes spells them back to us! ha!

Josie is one active gal! She is constantly on the go and into everything! It makes me laugh! She can't sit still for more than 5 minutes. We laugh and say that we will have to tell Santa to not bring any toys this year, because Josie prefers to play with everything that she's NOT supposed to play with!!! Honestly, she rarely plays with her own toys these days unless it's her baby dolls or books.

We still have a "miss independent" on our hands! She wants to do everything on her own. I love this about her, but I sometimes get frustrated at times, too!

Million dollar question.............HOW DO YOU TEACH A 2 YEAR OLD PATIENCE?!?!

I get very frustrated when Josie asks for something and we tell her to wait a minute or let us finish our conversation and then we will do whatever it is for her, but she continues to whine and cry. Oh. my. goodness. I PRAY FOR PATIENCE FOR ALL OF US DAILY :)

Sorry for such a long post. I haven't had time lately to get to the computer to blog, but I'm determined to make a better habit of it :)

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