Monday, October 3, 2011

Party Animals

We had a weekend full of celebrating!

Josie loves a good party ;)

First, we had a fun 3rd birthday party for Josie's friend, Hooper in Memphis!

Hooper's Uncle Brett plays football for Rhodes College in Memphis and his parents had small party for family and close friends before the game while tailgating. The kids ran around and had a great time. The football themed party was really cute!

All of the kids

Josie and the Birthday Boy

Josie in her party attire :)

Then, we had a fun birthday party/cookout for Josh's grandmother on Sunday. We celebrated Granny's 80th Birthday!!!!

Our best attempt at a pic of all of the cousins!

Granny and her great grandchildren

We all had such a great time! The weather was just perfect and the food was fabulous, too!!

Whew! We were tired after a long weekend of partying :)

Happy Monday to everyone!

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