Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy Week!

What a busy week! We finished up our Halloween festivities and had sooo much fun!

Daddy and his little helper carving the pumpkin.

We laughed that Josie got more of a kick out of drawing the face on the pumpkin first.... she had no desire in pulling out the seeds! I had hoped this year that we would paint a few pumpkins (saw some cute ideas on Pinterest), but time slipped away too quickly.... maybe next year!

The Masterpiece :)

my Halloween cutie!

We went Trick R Treating at my grandmother's retirement home on Halloween night! Josie helped my grandmother pass out candy (or maybe pull candy out of Mott Mott's bowl to put in her own pumpkin..... ) My grandmother was getting so tickled at Josie and poor J couldn't understand what we thought was so funny :)

Then...... We headed to Barney Live on Tuesday night!!!

I'm pretty sure that Josh and I were awarded the "Best parents of the year award" that night by Josie :) She had a BLAST!!!

We were soooo excited to see my college friend Emily and her sweet little girl, Ellie! My, how times have changed! We have gone from fun AOII Rose Ball formals to fun nights with our precious gals and Barney :) This was the first time for Ellie and Josie to meet! We would love to get together more often with these two fun gals!

Here's my dancing queen! We were surprised to realize that we had 2nd row seats at the Barney show and Josie immediately wanted to join the other kids down in front of the stage for some dancing!

We had to buy a bag of popcorn and a Barney balloon, of course!

I was quite pleased that we made it out of there without buying all of the other "junk"!!

I guess our crazy week had our sweet girl worn out and exhausted, because she came down with a cold at the end of the week. I had to pick her up early from daycare on Friday :( She's definitely feeling better and getting back to her "silly self" again .......

We are soooo glad it's the weekend! This week wore us ALL out!

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  1. you are a brave mommy to take her to barney. you definitely get my vote for parents of the year!!