Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Palm Sunday/Church Easter Egg Hunt

First of all, I really wish I was able to blog events the day that they happen like so many of my blogging friends out there, but it just doesn't happen :(
Our church held its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday. We really just have a handful of kids in our church and I was so glad to see that some of them brought family and friends to come out and enjoy the fun!

3 Sweet Girls! Haylan, Josie and Leslie Ann

Funny Story -- Josie named one of her baby dolls Leslie Ann a few months ago. Josh and I laughed hysterically, because our friend, Leslie is named Leslie Ann(Josie would never know that... I didn't think! She only knows her as Leslie). So, I said to our friend Leslie one day that somehow Josie had caught wind of her full name and has named her baby doll after her. To my surprise, I found out that there is a little girl at daycare named Leslie Ann!!! What a coincidence! Now, Leslie Ann goes to our church and is also in Josie 's "big girl class" at daycare (which explains the timing of her naming a doll after Leslie Ann because Josie had just moved up to her class!)

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  1. That last picture of yall is sooooo pretty!