Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Easter Eve"

We had such a fun Easter weekend! Josie and I kicked off the weekend on Good Friday. Daycare was closed. So, we decided to have a girls' day ;)

Saturday was a CRAZY busy day! I started it off by having a yard sale on Sat. morning. I LOVE having yard sales. It's like "free" money to me! People actually pay to carry away my junk! :)

Josh was busy all day Saturday doing a presentation at the Law School in Memphis. So, Josie and I headed over to a friends house on Saturday afternoon to do some fun Easter activities with all of our friends. My, how times have changed.... All of our friends got together with our children to grill out, dye and hunt eggs and just let the kids play! Josie had a blast!

Avery, Josie and Addison in the HUGE sandbox

hunting eggs!
Look out! Josie's driving sweet little Wesley around the yard!
Our attempt at a group picture..... this was hilarious!!!!

Then, Josie and I headed out to meet Josh and GM and JJ's for our Easter celebration/cookout!
First things first..... hunt more eggs!!!
GM & Addison
Oh dear! Double Trouble :)
JJ & the girls
They LOVE bubbles!
It looks like the daddys couldn't resist having some fun, as well :)
GM and JJ gave the girls their Easter presents!!
They have matching pink bunny blankets!
Their initials are even monogrammed on the back!
This was a big hit! Josie sleeps with hers every night!

Next Up..... Easter Day!!!!!!

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