Monday, August 20, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

So.... we FINALLY decided that it was time to give our bathroom a "face lift!"  Josh and I have said for seven years now (hard to believe that we've been in this house that long!) that we really enjoy our house and all of its funny little quirks as an older home EXCEPT for our "master bathroom."  We have done little projects throughout the years, but this is a project that was LONG OVERDUE!

My fabulous hubby has no fear in tackling home projects, but he also has no appreciation for a woman's love for some great before and after pics :)  He just literally makes up his mind to do something and dives right in....!!!  So, he began this project one day while I was at work.

"BEFORE" (the shower curtain had already been ripped down and given to Goodwill and also he had started painting on a back wall that you can't see.... We might should call this the "BEGINNING STAGES OF TRANSFORMATION)

 Check out the AWFUL brownish/mauve tile.
Don't you love our attempt at "sponge painting" the bathroom -- we really thought that looked good when we did it several years back, but you have to understand.... we were just so grateful to get rid of the hideous wallpaper that was ORIGINAL to the house!!!
 close up of the tile --- lovin' the two toned look :)

DRUMROLL PLEASE.................


 The tile was painted white, new flooring, bright color on the walls, some new decor and window treatments....and WA - LA! 
It's a new fabulous bathroom that I am LOVING!!!!
It's hard to tell but the color on the walls is a bit of a coral/orange color (can't recall the real name at the moment)  It's hard to grasp the real color based on this pic.  I promise that the bathroom is NOT pink... not sure why it looks that way in the pics!  We still need a shower curtain, but I am on the hunt for the perfect one.... maybe soon!

 I love the handpainted angel and the iron towel bar.
All of the wall pieces came from a great little shop in Covington called Patina.
They have such unique pieces!

These colors are not my typical decorating colors... I typically prefer more earth tones, but I love the brighter color for this small space.  You cannot appreciate this pretty dramatic makeover until you see it in person! 

I'm sooooo grateful to my sweet husband for doing ALL of this hard work!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure that he's glad law school has started back now :)
I will start working on my "honey - do list" for Christmas break.......hahaha

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  1. Lauren, it looks soooo good! I always wanted to paint the tile at our old house. Good job Josh!