Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Wrap Up!

Just a few fun pics......
 Josie and SOME of her babies at bedtime.
 Have you met our fish, Tanner?!?!
We have had him since June.
Josie had a fit over her cousin Addison's fish when we "babysat" it while they were on vacation.  I thought this might be a great opportunity to teach her responsibility, etc...... So much for that lesson, but she enjoys having Tanner in her room with her :) Don't you love the Dora accessories?!

 Josie has a new obsession with the idea of going camping... not sure where that came from, but we improvised with a little marshmallow roasting in our fire pit last week.  Every night when I put Josie to bed, she asks me to tell her a pretend camping story.  Maybe we will venture out into the woods sometime for a REAL camping trip!

My sweet girl LOVES to help me cook!
I asked Josie one night if she would like to be a chef when she grows up and she replied, "No, I want to be a mommy when I grow up!"  Smart girl... I think that is the most important job in the world :)

Decorating cookies!
We have had a blast this summer!
I will admit that I am starting to look forward to cooler weather, fall activities and do I dare say it!?!?..... the holidays!

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