Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Fun

Josie is very excited about her Me Board for school (she calls in a knee board!)
The letter of the week was J.  So, Josie and her friend Joel created Me Boards with lots of family pics!

LOTS of fun Christmas happenings going on around here.
We made ornaments!!!

I had a great helper this year while I decorated the tree...

My cutie........
Children's Christmas Parade around the town square (gotta love a small town!)
 Look!  Baby Graham and Baby Reece joined us!!
Cousin Jack was there, too!  They loved riding their bikes!
We even got our picture made with Santa, but I forgot to download it :(
I will do that later!
We found Bryan and Claire, too!  Sweet friends!

Aww!!!  Josie LOVES Jack :)

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