Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Shoot & Half Birthday

We did a little "photo shoot" before church last week. I love these sweet pictures!

Josie also turned 2 1/2 last week!

Josie, you continue to amaze us everyday! I love your bright smile that melts my heart, silly personality, sweet manners, nurturing instincts, and EVERYTHING else wonderful about you! As trying as the "terrible two's" have been for us at times, I still think this is such a fun stage in your life. Your personality is shining through more and more! Some of my favorite things about this stage in your life include:

- Hearing your sweet prayers every night. Your prayers are so honest and it amazes me what all you think of to pray for (some of the funniest ones include praying for your sandals, your panties and going potty). You always end all of your prayers with saying "and for ALL my friends!"

- I love how proud you are of yourself for going potty these days! We continue to do the "poopy" dance around here when you do that and you always say, "Mommy, you so happy??"

- Your independence is funny but yet trying at times. It's great to see you explore new things and want to try them yourself! You like to open all doors by yourself, go potty, put on shoes, pick out shoes to wear and many other things all by yourself!

- You love your babies! You are very nurturing, which we have known for quite some time. You love to give hugs to your babies, tell them to "shh!" quietly because they are "crying", change their diapers, fix them food, etc. It's so sweet to watch. You recently named your babies "Sally Sue". The names change frequently!

- You are so loving. You love to give hugs and "sugar" and it makes me so happy! You won't let us leave you without a billion sugars and you will say "Hug me bye!"

- You still are a bit unsure of new situations. You want us to hold you a lot when you are in a new environment until you have figured out the situation!

- As one of your teachers told me, you are not what we should call a "tattle tell", but you love to tell a play by play of everything that's going on. You will tell me "Daddy's going outside!!" or "Maggie's barking!!" It cracks me up!

We love you, sweet girl! I cannot believe that you are already 2 1/2. Time flies when you are having fun! You are so precious :)

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  1. those pictures are great! happy half birthday, miss josie!