Sunday, July 10, 2011

Party Animal

Josie's social calendar was very full on Saturday! We attended two birthday parties!

Of course, I forgot my camera at the first party. Aimee had a princess themed party with lots of fun outside play time! Josie surprised us all by being the first child to go for the big water slide. I'm not sure when she became a dare devil, but I was glad to see it! Aimee's mom did an AMAZING castle cake to go along with the princess theme. I wish I had a picture to share!!!

The second party was for Josie's sweet friend, Aubrey. The theme of this one was Minnie Mouse. Aubrey's mom had made the most adorable pink cupcakes with oreos as Minnie's ears!

This was also an outdoor party with a huge water slide that Josie just LOVED!!!

Aimee -- the birthday girl from party#1

Josie and her friends eating cupcakes and snacks

(No, that's not Josie's diet coke!)

Miss Chardae (one of Josie's teachers) and Josie

Josie & Aubrey (birthday girl #2) in Aubrey's new mustang :)

We had a GREAT time celebrating with these two sweet girls!

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