Thursday, December 22, 2011

Opryland Visit!

We took a mini vacation last weekend to the gorgeous Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.

This was our first time to go during the holidays and we had a blast!

We went up Friday afternoon and walked around the hotel looking at decorations, went to ICE, ate dinner, walked around some more and then called it a night.

Josie went down the kiddie slide at ICE. I was waiting anxiously to take a picture of her as she and Josh waited in the long line and then the next thing I knew, there was Josie at the bottom! Josh said later that she wasn't allowed to go down the main slide since she's so little and I never saw her come down the kiddie slide! I was so sad! I think she was pretty proud of herself, but she wasn't interested in going down again :)

We wore the big blue parkas in the ICE exhibit.... it was COLD!!!!

The sculptures were amazing!

Josie was so excited to spend the night in a hotel for the first time! She thought she was such a big girl sleeping in a "big girl bed", but she did insist that I sleep with her. Let's just say..... Mommy didn't get much sleep :) I have one restless gal!

We had such a great time! We spent the night Friday night and then got up Saturday and headed to the Pancake Pantry. This was a very last minute decision and I'm glad that we did it. It was worth the wait. It's a Nashville tradition that we had heard about and it didn't disappoint.

We are looking forward to Christmas!!!

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