Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Programs

We have been so busy with fun Christmas activities! Josie had a school program last week and it was soooo cute! Josh and I were anxious to see how she would do on stage, because she had been singing the songs they had practiced for days and days. Josie really just stood there and danced for a split second. I think all of the people overwhelmed her! Josh was so sad that he had to miss the program, because he was in his last final exam for the semester, but I recorded the entire thing! However, Josie was very excited to see Nonni, Popee and Grandmommy!

Josie also performed with some of the bigger kids at church two Sundays in a row.

She didn't really do much the first Sunday except for pretending to "direct" the choir like the music minister was doing! She was waving her arms like crazy :)

The second Sunday was when they sang "Away in a Manger" and she did all of the little motions that I had been showing her to teach her the words. It melted my heart... so sweet.

(notice that she's in action in this pic!)

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