Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011


I know one little girl who must have been extra good this year..............

Santa came!!

Josie's two requests this year were that she wanted a Dora book and a new baby doll.

Josie's favorite thing these days is to watch Dora DVD's and take care of her babies.

I think that Santa got the message from Elfie (because we certainly didn't go visit Santa this year to tell him in person after Josie's traumatic meeting with Santa at the Christmas lights show earlier in Dec!!)

Josie having a tea party with Daddy

taking care of her sweet baby....

Olivia, Stella and Josie with their birthday cake for Jesus!

Our one and only family photo!

Mott-Mott showing off her new jacket!

Josie with one of her many babies (she named this one "Hunter")

This is Josie's new dollhouse. This is actually the dollhouse that my grandfather made me by hand when I was a little girl. I'm so happy that Josie can have it now!

We enjoyed having my brother and his family here for a few days after Christmas! Josie was very sad to see them go. She really looks up to Olivia!

Whew! We had a wonderful Christmas and are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that we can surround ourselves with during this special time of the year.

This Christmas holiday has been really unique. Josh has been on Christmas break, but anyone who knows my husband knows that he cannot sit still! He has literally worked non-stop on house projects for the past 2 weeks. It's unreal what all he has accomplished! He pulled up the hardwood floor in our bathroom and put down new tile, pulled up carpet in a hallway and put down new carpet, ripped out the sheetrock above our mantle (had water damage) and put up new sheetrock and painted, put new baseboards in our living room, repainted all of the kitchen cabinets and practically all of the crown molding and baseboards in the entire house (painted them a bright white opposed to the creamy white they have been for the past several years), etc...... It's crazy! Josie and I really appreciate all of his hard work :) We had a lot of damage to our roof several months ago and we will be getting a new roof tomorrow and Josh is going to continue his list of projects! We have really enjoyed having Josh home more and I have certainly enjoyed having him home to help me get Josie ready in the mornings. I think this break has been good for all of us as we prepare for Josh to begin his second semester of law school. Next week is going to be awfully tough as we get back into the routine!

We ended 2011 by enjoying dinner with good friends in Memphis at J.Alexander's. Josh and I both were in the bed by midnight!

I know a special little girl who will be THREE on Thursday :) The celebrating continues...... :)

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