Monday, January 9, 2012


We had Josie's birthday party at Fun Zone in Jackson this past weekend.

It was our first time to have a big party with friends and I'm so glad that we did it.

Josie had such a great time and loved seeing all of her friends!

They were all sooooooo busy jumping and playing that I didn't get a lot of pics of the action.

Get ready for picture overload......... :)


Izzy... love this girl!

goodie bags for her friends :)

( are out of order!!)

Reilly, CJ and the birthday girl!

Cousin Jack & Josie

Even the "big kids" had fun :)

"Ash" and Ben going down the big slide!

Popee & Josie playing ball

Josie & sweet Ellie

the birthday girl was on the go!!

the party room

Josie wasn't sure about us singing "Happy Birthday!"


I'm so happy that my birthday girl had such a special day!

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  1. Im a new follower to your blog and just wanted to tell you that your little girl is just a DOLL! ;)