Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas posts.... FINALLY!!!

We started our Christmas Eve with a family tradition.... making my grandmother's "cereal mix!" Josie and I had asked my grandmother to come over and assist us, but she had recently fallen and was not feeling well. So, Josie was a great helper! There is just something about my grandmother's cereal mix that makes the holidays (or any occasion) better! I can't remember a Christmas or trip to Destin without it!

Then, we got cleaned up and got ready for church. My parents were also at church and then they headed to Memphis to my dad's family Christmas afterwards. We loaded up and went to Grandmommy and JJ's!!!!!

Josie, Grandmommy and Addison

Then, we had a surprise phone call from our friend, Elliott. His dad was dressed up as Santa and was making house calls! Oh, goodness!!! Josie is terribly afraid of Santa, but it was difficult telling Santa not to come by! So, he did................

Santa (a.k.a Mr. John Simmons)

Boy, I wish I had a picture of Josie's face when she saw Santa!!!
She screamed and held onto Josh so tight that I thought she would never let go. Then, of course, Addison followed Josie's lead and didn't warm up to him either. We appreciate Santa thinking of us and coming by for a surprise visit.... Maybe the girls will be more friendly next year :)

Josie LOVES baby dolls!

The evening of surprises continued..... GM and JJ had a HUGE surprise for their two favorite gals......

A Barbie Jeep!!!!!!!!

Look out, everybody!!!

There are two wild girls out on the loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were soooo excited!!!!

We ended our night by settling in at home, sprinkling reindeer food in the yard and putting out our homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk for Santa!

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