Friday, February 4, 2011

2 year check up

I took Josie to her 2 year check-up on Tuesday in Memphis. We were about a month late making the appointment! What else is new!? I'm late everywhere I go these days! Josie talked about Dr. Chris all the way to Memphis and then she became a "mute" when we got to the office! He quickly became her friend when he gave her a Minnie Mouse sticker! Josie had a quick and painless visit! No shots! She received a GREAT report! She weighs 26.4 lbs & is 32.5 inches. She had gained 3 lbs. since her 18 month check up! We discussed the fact that Josie drinks a lot. The pediatrician had no real concern other than wanting her to stick to 2% milk only now that she's two years old and he doesn't want her drinking any juice. I have given her water and milk only the past couple of days and I can tell that she is not drinking as much as before. She's actually eating more! So, I think he was right that she was filling up on liquids and had not been a big eater. We had been giving her half juice and half water along with whole milk before this week's visit.
Josie showing me her sticker from Dr. Chris :)
Josie and I went to the mall after her visit and she picked out her "prize" for being good at the doctor. She picked out a new princess camera! I just love that she thinks you take a picture with the front of the camera to your face... Duh! I guess it's because she only sees the front of the camera when I'm taking her picture :) Funny kid! We also picked out an M&M cookie at the mall and thoroughly enjoyed it :)

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