Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Home Away From Home

It dawned on me that I have never really blogged about Kreme Kastle (our home away from home). Josh and I opened the restaurant in Sept. 2009 in Brownsville, TN. We have been very blessed with a lot of support from our community and have some very loyal customers. We even have a few customers that will specifically leave a "tip" for Josie or what they call "the Josie fund!" We have really formed a lot of great relationships over the past couple of years.

We definitely have a different type of "lifestyle"/routine with owning a restaurant. Before Josie was born, it was just our life and we really worked 24/7. We have tried to create a good balance of work and family now that we have our sweet Josie. I was very fortunate to get to stay at home with Josie the first year of her life. I continued to do Kreme Kastle work from home (make desserts, some paperwork, scheduling, etc.) Once Josie turned one, we put her in daycare a few days a week and are lucky to have our parents watch her the other two days while I work at the restaurant with Josh.

It's fun to take Josie up to the restaurant. She has a great time! She loves all of the employees and they love her, too :) She loves to get shredded cheese in a little cup and walk around with it. She loves the cash register, fax machine and ANYTHING with buttons!

Our future waitress :)

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