Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Change and Nails!

BIG change in the Shearon household...... I have taken a new job!
I started working this week for Sysco as a Marketing Associate. This has actually been in the works for quite some time. The interviewing process was very long but as soon as I got hired, they asked me to start working the following week! So.... that brought on even more change! Josh and I had been thinking about what we would do if I did get the job and all of the changes that would mean for our daily life, family and restaurant. Although it required some major adjustments particularly with Kreme Kastle, we are very grateful for this opportunity and are loving the idea of good benefits! That relieves a lot of stress in our life! We had been praying for this for a long time. Although you sometimes wonder if your prayers are being heard, it's pretty amazing how God knows when to reveal His plan at just the right time :) The restaurant is still going strong under Josh's care and we are so very blessed with family that helps us so much, as well. It was hard for me to walk away from Kreme Kastle after putting so much into it, but I know this change is for the best for our family and Josh is doing great keeping everything under control at KK :)

So, on a different note.... Josie and I had a girls' night on Friday while Josh worked at the restaurant. Josie discovered my nail polish. So, we did manicures!!!
Josie may have found her calling.... ha! I think we will stick to crayons from now on :)

Josh came home really quick to pick up some things and he took a quick pic of us gals in our PJ's doing manicures!

Josie is sooooo proud of her nails! She has told everyone all weekend, "look at my nails!!!"

Fun memories :)

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  1. His timing really is always perfect:) Good luck with the new adjustment!!