Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Josh and I are excited to FINALLY announce our good news.....

Josh will be attending Law School at University of Memphis in the fall!!!!!

Josh has had the dream of going to law school for years and was actually accepted several years ago before we were married. He just didn't feel the timing was right at that time due to family obligations, etc. It's always been something that has been in the back of his mind. We finally decided about a year ago to pursue this dream of his again and just see what would happen. Josh began studying for the LSAT, took it twice this past year and then applied to law school. At that time, we also knew we needed to be taking steps to get a steady job for me to be able to provide health insurance and a steady income if Josh did decide to go to school. We prayed and prayed.... prayed REALLY hard that God would open and close doors to allow us to see clearly what His plan was for us. It's pretty amazing that Josh received the email with his last (and GREAT) LSAT score AND I received an email from Sysco with my written job offer ALL WITHIN 30 MINUTES!!! God is GOOD!!! We
knew at that time that this was something that we were meant to pursue further. Over the past few months, we have been making more plans to make this dream possible. We have actually had Kreme Kastle for sale for the past several months hoping that we could find the perfect person to take over the business that we have worked so hard to build. As of now, we still have not sold it. We are currently working on plans for what we will do if the restaurant is still not sold as of August. The restaurant will NOT close. We will carry on as best as possible.

When we took Josie to the zoo last weekend, we drove downtown to check out the area around the Law School. This is where Josh will be spending LOTS of time over the next 3 years......

Josie and I are VERY proud of Josh! We completely support his new endeavor and are so excited to see him follow his dreams. I feel that Josh will appreciate this opportunity now more than he ever would have several years ago when he was accepted to law school the first time. God ALWAYS has a plan. God has taught us many lessons over the past several years and has given us many experiences to lead us to this wonderful opportunity at this time in our lives. It's happening for a reason. We are grateful.

Josh was so sweet to sacrifice so much to help me pursue a dream of mine with owning a restaurant and now it's his turn to follow his dreams......

So thankful for this opportunity.

We are ready to begin this new chapter of our life.


  1. this is very exciting. i am proud of your family for making the move. actually, it is kind of ironic - david also quit teaching and has gone to work for state farm. big moves this summer for everyone!

  2. Courtney -- WOW! congrats to y'all, too! Tell me more about the job switch. That's exciting.