Monday, June 20, 2011

My Handy Husband ;)

I am a "sucker" for the Extreme Makeover show or ANY magical home transformation with some good before and after pics....


I wish I could say that I had really great dramatic before and after pics for you, but that's UNFORTUNATELY not the case here. My very handy husband recently decided to tackle lots of "to do's" on his Honey Do list :) Well, these are actually projects that we have wanted to check off our list for YEARS. With our crazy lifestyle, these projects were put on hold for too long. Josh told me a few weeks ago that he was going to shock me and actually get to work on the list! Ha! Before I knew it, he had started painting our living room the color that we picked out months ago. I walked in one night and he had started the transformation. The awful red room is now a pretty golden color that I LOVE! See the last two pics! All of these changes have happened so quickly and I cannot believe that I don't have good pictures to show the dramatic changes!

This first picture is of the new WHITE trim in Josh's office. Look VERY closely... You can see the side of the window is a fresh coat of white paint and the top is still the cream color that the trim in our house has been since we moved in. Looks much better, huh!?!? Humor me :)

Below is Josh's office.
This is the mess that we are currently living in, but it will be so worth it!

Josh has been fixing the wall below the big window in his office. Rain has damaged the wall and it looked awful. I soooo wish that I had a before pic of this one... the large hole in the wall was terrible! As you can see, that is our back door (off of our carport) and this room is seen by everyone who comes over. The hole in the wall was a major eye sore!

This is the fabulous living room that was once red. Imagine this room BRIGHT RED.... yea, see... you can appreciate the new look, right?!!? We still need to get pictures hung back up and do some more decorating, but I'm enjoying this room so much! It's our formal living room and gets very little use, but it now feels cozy! I would love to get some pretty window treatments next!We have also replaced the white fan in our kitchen to a nice new light fixture (and even better than the new appearance is that the light bulbs don't blow out every few days like the crazy fan did!)

I'm so thankful to have a handy husband who can tackle these projects. I think Josh is feeling the pressure to get as much done as possible before he starts school in two months! He's on a roll!

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