Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Ok, this is weird but I have been waiting for MONTHS for Josie to do this....
Josie has decided the past couple of days that she wants to go straight to "Daddy's chair" when she wakes up, cover up with her blanket, hold her bunny and watch Dora! Josie has NEVER been a child to just sit and watch TV unless it's in the car. She will say that she wants a certain show on, but she will continue to play and not really pay much attention to the show for long periods of time. It's not at all that I want my child to depend on TV for entertainment. However, I would be lying if I didn't say it would be nice to get a few things done while she's content! I have thought how fun it would be for Josie to do this and get more into her Disney movies, etc! I know... Like I said, it's weird.

I think it's the most adorable thing to see her curled up in the chair and just relaxing. I mean... who doesn't love to do that?!?! Apparently, Josie has just discovered how wonderful that really is :) And... maybe, just maybe she will let me sit down and curl up with her :)

** Side Note --- we are totally into Dora the Explorer these days. Her "first love" will always be Barney, but she doesn't talk about him much anymore. I admit that I'm glad to move onto something else, as well!

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