Friday, January 7, 2011

Josie's Birthday Breakfast and "School" Party

January 5, 2011:
Josie's 2nd Birthday was full of celebrating!

We started with birthday pancakes (and you can't forget the birthday hat!)
I love this "You are special today" plate that I found at a local gift shop.

Josie's Birthday cupcakes that we took to her "school"
-- Made by yours truly (as if you can't tell! ha!)

Josie and friends at school
It was hilarious to watch the kids sitting quietly in their seats and some diving (literally) right in to the cupcakes and some were just playing with the icing! I think Josie liked the Minnie Mouse plates and napkins the best!

Josie and teachers Miss Mary & Miss Holly
Josie was still licking the icing from her fingers :)

Cousin Addison was in the classroom next door. She wanted to join the birthday fun!

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  1. happy birthday, sweet girl! i just love seeing them at the little table and chairs - melts my heart!