Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painting Playdate

Josie was invited to a "Painting Playdate" on Saturday. How fun and what a perfect playdate for a cold winter day! I was picturing a very messy playdate but it ended up being much "cleaner" than I thought. ha! All of the little ones came up one at a time and had their little thumbs painted with white paint and the helper had them put 3 thumbprints on the canvas to create the snowman's body. Then, the sweet and talented helper did the rest for them!
This is the finished product! How cute!

While all of the kids were taking turns doing their paintings, we let the rest of the kids run around the gym (we were at a local church). They had a blast playing with the toys, balls and Josie ate a BUNCH of snacks!
Josie enjoys talking on ANY phone these days and I think can spot a phone from a mile away :)
Her conversation always goes like this....."Hello!"..... "Yeah!"......"Hey JJ!"
It cracks me up!

Little Izzy doing her "thumbprints"

Izzy and Josie.... big buddies :)

My little "painter"... too bad I cut her head off in the picture :(
We had such a great time! It's always so fun watching the little ones get together and play!

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