Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breaking in the Christmas Toys!

I think we MAY have finally recovered from Christmas!
Whew! What a fun, exciting and busy time of year!
Josie has been one extremely busy little girl for the past week. She has been so excited about all of her new toys. She has even had trouble sleeping at night this week. I truly think it's because of all of the excitement. Josie has never been much about playing by herself or being content without one of us pretty close by and watching what she's doing, BUT........ This girl has been totally content all week with all of her new toys! It's been a lot of fun to watch her excitement!

Side Note: I love that she loves all of her new toys, but this week after Christmas has been a true test for my Type A personality/OCD-ness about being organized :) Our house looks like a war zone (I should have included a pic of that... I'm sure that would have provided a good reminder/laugh about this chaos one day in the future!) However, I am VERY grateful that I have a sweet, healthy and happy little girl in this house that is blessed with all of these wonderful toys. There WILL be a day when she's older and out of the house that I will truly miss the messiness of my house!

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