Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of Law School

We began a new chapter in our lives today. Josh started Law School!

We have prayed about this for so long and I cannot believe that the time is finally here!

We are very excited about this new journey! Josie and I are so proud of Josh.

Funny story that I don't want to forget....

Josh has been telling Josie that he's going to school. They talk about it some, which is really cute. Josh has been telling Josie that he's scared to go to school and she will say, "Don't worry, Daddy... I hold your hand! I make you feel better!" Our sweet girl and such sweet memories :)

Josh wasn't very thrilled when I told him that I needed to take his picture this morning for his "first day of school!" However, he was a good sport :)

Josh said he had a great day! He's already working on homework tonight and has an entire book to read by Monday. Wow, they don't waste any time!

We had a rough night last night, because our sweet Josie wasn't feeling well. She's been telling us for a couple of days that her mouth hurts. I thought it was her 3 year molars, but....... As of tonight, I think it's Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. BOO!!! Another child at daycare had it earlier in the week and I think it's our turn :( Poor thing has no appetite, has a low grade fever and a few blisters in her mouth.

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