Sunday, August 7, 2011


There's a three letter word that has entered our sweet little girl's vocabulary........


I knew this day was coming and here it is..... :)

Josie asks "Why?" at least 50 times a day! ha! And... it's tough thinking of the answers every time! I have officially entered the stage of parenting when the questions are going to steadily be asked. I love her inquisitive mind, but this old rusty mind of mine is going to have to get more creative!!! ha!

Our sweet girl is also very into her babies right now. She will tell me that they are crying and will tell me to feed them or love on them. Josie will just talk and talk to her babies, cover them up for naps, read them stories, change their diapers and even put them in time out! Her babies now are all called "Sally Sue." Oh, while I'm on the subject of silly names, Josie has started talking to her friend "Billy" on the phone. We do not know a Billy. He makes her laugh A LOT on the phone and she will tell me to tell him hey and talk to him. It's pretty funny!

Josie has also become quite the eater the past week or two! WOW! We have been shocked at how much she will eat. She's never really been a big eater. I think this is a growth spurt, but I will gladly take it! It makes me happy! I am trying to take the opportunity to get her to explore new foods and I'm still working on cutting out her snacks and drinks in between meal time. I feel like I would just give her anything to eat before if she would just eat, but now I feel like I can fill her plate with the things I really want her to eat and "reward" her with something that she chooses after she tries what I put on her plate. Her new favorite thing to eat is a peanut butter sandwich. Don't ever make the mistake of putting jelly on it! "Me no like jelly!"

Our grown up girl talking on my Iphone and wearing my heels!

Dress up diva....

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