Friday, October 22, 2010

Barney and Bows

There are two things that Josie typically asks for when she wakes up (besides Momma and
Da-da)....... BARNEY AND BOWS!!! This girl literally goes to bed talking about Barney (Well, she says's "Bawney!") and wakes up talking about Barney! As you can see, she even sleeps with a Barney DVD (and sometimes a bow in her hair!) ha!

Feeding Barney pancakes! Notice two bows in her hair... she picked them out as soon as she woke up this morning! She actually said, "uh oh, Momma! (while tapping her head)... Bow!!"

We are wearing out the Barney DVD's at our house! I sing those songs in my head all day long. And... I sometimes realize long after Josh has taken Josie to daycare in the mornings that I still have the Barney DVD playing while I'm doing things around the house. I'm just so used to hearing Barney 24/7 :) I know there will be a day years from now when Josie is grown that I will wish she was still screaming "Barney!" at me until I pushed play in the DVD player (again!)


  1. So funny! We are that way about Mickey Mouse at our house. Meg luckily to my knowledge has no clue who Barney is and I would not be too sad if it stayed that way.

  2. ha! You are one smart gal/Momma! Josie learned about Barney early on and I think he's here to stay for quite some time!

  3. Briley LOVES Barney too! She calls him Marmie! lol And it's great she loves her bows so much!