Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween: Part One

The Halloween festivities have begun!! We went to our church on Wednesday night for the Trunk R Treat (or is it Trick R Trunk.... I never can remember the right name!) I was a little nervous to get Josie dressed in her costume, because I was not sure how she would react. I just kept getting really excited and giving her "high 5's" and making it such an exciting time HOPING that would get her in the Halloween spirit! It worked! Josie was so pumped about wearing her costume and ran around the house thinking it was so funny!

Meet my Butterfly :)

Modeling her costume at home :)
walking up to the church's activities
Josie was all about Halloween until she realized that everyone else was dressed funny, too! Then, she wasn't quite sure what to think about it all!

Josie with her friend, Lauren (the ladybug) and "RoRo."
All of the kids LOVE "RoRo", especially these two cute gals :)
"RoRo" works in our church nursery and also is one of Josie's teachers at daycare.
Josie never even wanted to take candy from anyone. I'm pretty sure that will change next year when she understands more!

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  1. josie looks adorable in her costume! hope you guys have a fun weekend!