Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday! Josie and I went to dinner with my parents at one of Dad's fave places, Old Town Spaghetti Store. My niece, Olivia has always called my dad, "Popee." Of course, we intended for Josie to do the same thing. The funny thing is that Josie calls my dad by his first name, "Bob!" If you ask her where Popee is or anything about Popee, she immediately says, "Bob!" I have to admit it's pretty funny :)

The BEST picture of the night :) ha!
Dad was a good sport about the whole wait staff singing "Happy Birthday" to him!

Poor Josie wanted to wear the birthday hat sooooo bad, but it was just too big! I hate I never got a picture of that! Josie enjoyed a little bit of my spaghetti and bread. She picked the cheese off of my salad... that girl can spot cheese from a mile away! And... we never leave home without our string cheese in the diaper bag! ha! Yes, I know... we have to work on this gal's diet :)

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