Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Josh and I took Josie to Donnell Farms Pumpkin Patch near Jackson this weekend. We went to Green Acres Pumpkin Patch in Milan last year and wanted to try something a little different!
The concept at Donnell Farms is cute for little kids.... slides, hayrides, live animals and lots of other activities! I think Josie will enjoy it more as she gets older. As of now, Josie is a very cautious little gal. She doesn't just jump into new activities. She has to warm up to them. I have a feeling she gets this from me.... not her daddy ;) It will be interesting to see if that stays part of her personality in the years to come.

Josie and Mommy :)

Look at that happy girl!

Josie wasn't sure what to think about the cotton at first, but then she had a big time jumping around in it!

My pictures are actually out of order.... This picture really came before the previous one.
What a face!

Josie's FAVORITE part!! The hand washing station! She would have played in that water for hours!

This is one of my favorites:) I think she looks so grown up here.

Walking with Daddy
We are looking forward to checking out another pumpkin patch tomorrow with some of Josie's friends!

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