Friday, April 1, 2011

First Pigtails!

It's official..... Josie wore her hair in pigtails yesterday for the first time!!! We were playing on the floor (and watching Elmo, of course) and she wanted me to brush her hair. I then got the bright idea to try pig tails. I didn't do a great job at it... I was just trying to get a general idea for how they would look and I was surprised to see how cute the new 'do turned out! Josie kept staring in the mirror.....

She got VERY excited and started jumping up and down while screaming, "PIGTAILS!!!"

Speaking of hair and accessories, we had a bit of a "mini crisis" pertaining to hair accessories a few weeks ago at day care. After naptime, the teacher went to wake Josie up and realized that her hand was extremely swollen and a little discolored. Well..................... Come to find out, Josie had taken the itty bitty rubberband out of her hair and put it on her wrist!!!

(sad to say that she obviously sees that I wear a pony tail holder on my wrist a lot) It was soooo scary! She had a deep line on her wrist for a few days and she wouldn't let us look at her hand for days :( Poor baby! This poor kid has had a rough start to life.... She had a tiny string from her newborn gown get tied around her little toe when she was 3 months old. The toe turned really black, but it ended up being fine!

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  1. love those tails! they will be perfect for summer. josie is getting cuter by the day.