Friday, April 1, 2011

Warmer Weather.... Not For Long

We had some GORGEOUS weather a few weeks ago... too bad it didnt' stick around!

Josie lined up all of her "friends" on the Sunroom steps to read them a book. She's starting to "role play" some... she prefers to be the teacher (I wonder where she gets that from... both grandmothers were teachers!). She will pick up a book and tell her class to "listen!"

Helping Daddy in the yard...

We decided to cook out later that night and sit out on the patio to eat. Josie thought it was fun! (although you could never tell by the look on her face! ha!)

So, this is a look that is pretty common around our house these days :)

Josie has discovered her "bossy" side!

And, she's pretty funny, too!

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