Saturday, April 23, 2011

Safari Park

We went on a safari this morning..... In Alamo, TN :)

We have been wanting to take Josie to the Safari Park in Alamo for quite some time. The beginning part of the park is really neat. You can ride through a trail that has all kinds of animals walking around and the best part is that you can feed them from the car!

The animals walk right up to your car and eat out of buckets of food that you purchase.

Josie was not so sure about this part! We took our friend Hooper along for the ride, as well. He and Josie just watched the animals, but didn't want any part of feeding them! They didn't even want their windows down!

They had a lot more fun once we got out of the car and let them run around and play!

Petting Zoo!

I think we can mark this adventure off of our "to do list" and say "we have been there, done that !" It was a lot of fun to see them run around and point out the animals that they knew!

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