Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Cooking Adventures and Josie Update

I haven't blogged much lately, but not a lot has changed around here... Josie STILL loves to help me cook in the kitchen. In Josie's "world", everything that goes into the oven is a cake! If she sees me mixing up something or cooking, she will run in there and say " I help you!" and she pulls up her kitchen chair and climbs up to be my assistant.

Josie's little personality is becoming quite hilarious! I wish I would stop to write down every little funny thing that she says. She cracks us up everyday! Josh and I are constantly talking at night about the funny things Josie said to us during the day. I can't even imagine how life could have been any fun before she was born! We watch Elmo at our house NON-STOP. I'm not exaggerating... NON- STOP. Josie wakes up in the morning asking for Elmo (the Barney days are over!) When Elmo and friends sing "Hey Diddle Diddle...", Josie will scream "OUR SONG!!" That's our cue to come to the den, all hold hands and dance and sing to Elmo! She LOVES it (and we secretly love it, too!)
At 27 months, we are still working on potty training. She really started out really "gung-ho", but not so much these days. I'm really fine with that. The potty still stays in the den and she will randomly run to use it but certainly not consistently. She still wants "MM's" (not M&M's) when she does got potty, but even that excitement has worn off a bit for her. I know that she will do it when she's ready. I have found lately that she is more likely to use the potty at home if we will just let her run around with no diaper or pull up on. Hey, whatever works :)

For my own record, I want to remember....

Josie is still wearing a size 5 shoe (but I'm buying size 6 for summer) & size 2t in clothing.

Fave foods: Pancakes (would eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner if I would let her!), bananas, turkey, chicken nuggets yogurt (particularly Dora yogurt), cheese (but no longer cheese cubes... only shredded cheese!), and anything sweet! She's been more interested lately in kid's meals when we go places... hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, etc.. We try our very best to only let her drink water and milk, but I know that they are giving her juice at daycare.

As of now, we have a very independent young lady on our hands. Josie is very shy in new situations and will take a little while to warm up (gets that from me... I hope she will outgrow it!). She loves to dance, sing, dress up, but can also hang with the best of them outside playing in the dirt! She's also a very sensitive little gal and will cry if you even look at her wrong. Poor thing! I can already tell that she has a heart of gold and is so kind to others. She is very nurturing to younger kids. She also has very good manners (most of the time). Josie is a daddy's girl and has him wrapped around her little finger. I love seeing her personality develop. I'm pretty proud of our sweet girl!

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