Monday, May 30, 2011

Dancing Queen & Miss Independent

The two names that fit Josie the MOST these days.....

"Miss Independent" & "Dancing Queen"

My sweet little baby is not so much a baby anymore. She's VERY independent. She wants to dress herself, put on her own shoes (and will ask "right feet??"), put on her own pull ups and get up on the potty all by herself. She must hear a lot of comments at school about taking turns. She will always tell us, "My turn first!" We are working on this one :)

The funny thing is that she also has a new fascination with us holding her like a baby. I think it's because a few of our friends have recently had babies and she sees me holding them and suddenly wants to be a baby again! She mostly wants to be held like a baby after her bath. Funny girl!

My favorite new activity of Josie's is her LOVE for music and dancing!
We keep our Ipod on a home docking system down in our sunroom by my desk and Josie has spotted it. She's the new DJ in our house! She can work it all by herself and she will reach in my desk drawer and grab a pen or marker for everyone in the house and scream, "Our songs!!!"
She cracks me up! The girl has rhythym...... no clue who she got that from in our house!

Josie also likes to tell her Daddy, "Shhh!!!!" when we are dancing and singing if he's home and watching TV. She would like center stage and ALL of the attention :)

Go, Josie!

I can't say it enough... As hard as the terrible two's are at times in our household, I absolutely love this age. We have such a good time!

I need to start writing down more of the funny things this crazy kid says.... she makes me laugh every single day. Josh and I always tell each other the funny things that she did and just laugh and laugh.

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