Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots of Rain & Josie Update

WOW, we have had sooo much rain around here this past week. It's so sad to see on the news all of the homes ruined and lives lost in this terrible weather. We are very grateful that we only had a tree to fall in our yard (but didn't hit the house!) and some leaks in the ceiling. Poor Josie has been so frustrated that she couldn't go outside as much as she would like. She kept looking out the window and saying, "More rain!" We have had to get creative with indoor activities!

This is Josie's new "smile".....

Sporting her rain coat... even inside!

Josie turned 28 months on Josh's birthday. It seems hard to believe that she's growing up so quickly. I have recently thought that she seems so grown up and is really starting to say and do things that seem so "mature!" Also, we are pretty sure that we know what the terrible 2's are now... yea, I just THOUGHT I knew before :) We are having major fits for no reason and an attitude that I didn't think I would see until the teenage years. I'm struggling with how to discipline her in certain situations. She often will get a major attitude and say, "No, Mam!" in a very stern and rude manner. Well, I don't know how to reason with her sometimes, because I am proud of her for using her manners but the tone of voice is unacceptable!" Gee.... Parenting. This is tough stuff! Josie does get spanked probably at least once a day. We also use the "1...2...3..." strategy and usually she has done what I asked her to do by the time I say 2.

Enough with the "bad", this little gal is so much fun and is quite hilarious :)

I think daycare is so great for her. She has learned so much since she moved up to the 2 year old room. She can say the entire Pledge of Allegiance (and does so anytime she sees a flag), will constantly show you her right hand and her left hand, sings so many songs (Jesus Loves Me is still her favorite) and the list goes on and on... She really amazes me at times.

She has also picked up on some interesting habits at daycare... We have noticed that she often imitates her teacher. If there is a loud noise, Josie will cover her ears and say, "That hurts my ears!" She will often tell us to "Be quiet!" (which we DO discipline on this one!). We have confirmed that these ARE things that her teachers says. I admit that it is kinda cute!

We are still working on the potty training. She had an AWESOME weekend last weekend. She was very consistent with going to the potty all on her own. I was very proud, but it seems like we get out of rhythym once the week starts and she's not at home during the day. I'm not stressed about it at all... it will happen with time.

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