Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!


I actually had to work today and Josh stayed home with Josie.

I think they had a great time together!

After Josie's excitement about Jack's swimming pool this weekend, we purchased Josie her own pool! So, we put it to good use this afternoon after I worked. Josie loved it! You can't really tell, but it has a slide, basketball goal and sprinkler. It provides lots of entertainment!

We decided to also put Josh's new grill to good use and have a cookout. Josie requested cheeseburgers! So, that's exactly what we did! It was nice to sit outside, relax and eat together as a family. That's truly very rare for us and it was such a treat!

In honor of Memorial Day, I should have recorded Josie saying the Pledge of Allegiance. She recites it at least 10 times a day. She knows every single word. She also has a small "obsession" with "Old McDonald Has a Farm"... she really went to town with that song yesterday at the zoo! ha!

So, we are kicking off another hectic week!

Josie starts swimming lessons this week at night with some of her friends!

Stay tuned for pics....

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  1. Josie's pool is fancy! I decided after putting my big butt in Ellie's all weekend that it's time for an upgrade! Ha!