Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday: Part Two

After resting up from our zoo trip, we headed to Ben & Whitney's house for a get together with good friends! Everyone brought their kids and we all had a great time! Boy, oh boy... TIMES HAVE CHANGED! All of the women talk about kids -- eating habits, potty training, sleep habits, etc... Then, the men all just stayed outside by the food and talked about whatever guys talk about :)

Josie, Hooper and Casey reading

(thankful for this quiet and STILL moment!)

Josie's first time to drive the "gator!"

Hooper, Josie and Whitt

Hooper and Josie talking sweet to Whitt

Josie & Avery -- I think these two kinda look alike! They had such a good time together!

Yay for fun times with friends. It was MUCH needed!

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