Thursday, November 4, 2010

22 months TODAY!

Wow, time flies!! Josie is 22 months old today! It's so hard to believe that she will be 2 in just a couple of months! Josie is ALL over the place these days and full of energy!! I want to always remember what this silly girl was up to at this point in her life. So, I thought I would take the time today to record some fun facts about my favorite 22 month old :)

Josie's weight: 25 lbs. (as of a month ago)

Wears size 18 or 24 month pants (depending on brand)/2T Pajamas

I am buying size 2T dresses for Fall/Winter in hopes that Josie will be able to wear them next year, too!

Josie's in major need of her 3rd haircut.... maybe next week! We have a little bit of mullet action going on right now :)

Favorite Toys: anything that belongs to me or something she shouldn't touch! ha!
(Cell phones, my make up, camera, etc... )

Josie really is getting into dressing up, make up, jewelry and all that fun "girly" stuff! Maybe she better ask Santa for some dress up clothes!

Favorite Movies: Alvin & The Chipmunks "The Squeakual" and ANY Barney videos!

Favorite Books: "Goodnight Gorilla", "Mommy's Best Kisses" and "First 100 words"

We try to read books before bedtime every night until Josie says "night night!"

Favorite Food: CHEESE!!! pancakes and/or poptarts for breakfast, pizza or anything Italian and chicken nuggets. She hasn't been a big fan of fruit lately. We are going to have to work on her diet! It's not very well balanced. HA!

LOVES whole milk! Prefers that over juice :)

LOVES to dance! Anytime she sees Barney on TV or anything with music, she immediately starts dancing. I need to catch that on video ASAP!

Josie is still going through a clingy stage right now. She wants to be held a good bit at home and is not being very independent. However, we get a different story from daycare and from her grandparents when they keep her! I think it's just a phase with wanting attention from me and Josh.

Favorite "Words"/ "Sayings":
* "shoom" = spoon
* "Alwight!" = Alright (her version of "yes")
* "moushe" = mouse (mickey, of course!)
* "up" = open OR up
"I nuh new" = I love you
"uck" = stuck (when trying to get out of carseat)
Josie has started calling Josh, "josh!" occassionally! ha! She was saying "da-da". Then, it turned into "daddy" a few weeks ago and NOW it's "JOSH!" oh my.... Josh is not loving that :(


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  1. my goodness how time flies. keep rockin' that mullet, little girl! it's cute for now!!